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March 3, 2010 OpenID Meetup Minutes

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 13 years ago

Recorded by Monica Keller.

  1. Built agenda :)
  2. Worked on agenda/mingled


  • David Recordon
  • Randy Farmer
  • Monica Keller
  • Joseph Smarr
  • Dick Hardt
  • Chris Messina
  • Kevin Marks
  • Beau Lebens
  • Luke Shepard
  • Allen Tom
  • Dustin Whittle
  • Greg Cohen
  • Rohit Khare
  • Missed a few more people sorry

Event Link



  1. Agenda for the Open ID Summit
  2. Combining OpenID and OAuth 
  3. Name for OpenID – OpenID vNext vs Open ID 3.0

1. OpenID Summit Agenda - April 6th in Mountain View

  • Dick Hardt is hoping to introduce to the broader team at the summit the fact that a new version of the spec is being developed
    • Current plan is to call it: OpenID v Next but there is still debate on the name
  • Monica Keller proposed to present a list of "stellar implementations" on the current version first
  • David Recordon and Joseph Smarr: Acknowledged requirements have changed over the last two years and should be gathered once again
  • Randy Farmer would like to present: Why I can’t advise my clients to use OpenID ?
    • Talk about all the issues with OpenID today
      • Why aren’t you using OpenID Twitter ?
      • Why is FB Connect "easier"
    • Collect requirements
    • Find volunteers who will lead a working group to investigate solutions
  • Joseph recommended using : Google Moderator during the summit and maybe use it a week before to gather some good requirements
  • Other topics to discuss at Summit
    • Logout vs revocation; do users understand ? 

2. OpenID  + OAuth

Proposal by Joseph Smarr 

  • No discovery but use well known urls 
  • How does Connect work ? 
  • Hard for RPs to do discovery

Group discussion should we use WebFinger instead of Attribute Exchange ?

  • Problems with WebFinger: Too many roundrips
  • Smarr>> discovery based on xml
  • Action Item: Smarr will host web finger meetup next week
  • Dick add your input here. You were talking about trusting DNS to verify email addresses port 80 and port 25 -- didn't follow the issue well enough
  • Dick proposed that we even use attribute exchange to provide the list of services because the list of services you use may be considered private data
    • Monica and Beau: Don't think that is a very common case 
  • Luke and Dave: Just use OAuth  

3. Naming of Open ID v Next

  • Erich Sachs prefers Open ID 3.0

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