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Adoption Committee - Website Updates and Promotions

Page history last edited by Daniel Jacobson 10 years, 6 months ago

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The follow are ideas on how the Adoption Committee would like to update the openid.net web site.

The budget for this work for 2010 is assumed to be $5,000.


  • Identify a working committee to work on revising openid.net - April 15th
  • Identify vendor and/or other developers who can devise and implement a strategy for the site - May 1st 
  • Share strategy for revising openid.net with the Board - late July
  • Begin revising openid.net - August 1st

Other ideas for improving our overall presence for openid.net:

  • Open up the blog to be more than a place to post news.  The blog can also be used to allow board members, OpenID implementers, and others to write case studies, coding and usability ideas, announcements, etc.  Right now, John Ehrig is the only author on recent posts.  Let's start creating personalities for the blog. 

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