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2010 OpenID User Experience (UX) Summit

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Meeting Topic: OpenID User Experience (UX)




Thursday, February 25th, 10am to 4pm Central Time


Sears Holdings Corporation

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

View OpenID UX Summit 2010 at Sears in a larger map

Also, there will be Teleconference facilities available courtesy of Google at:

  • Google DC - 1101 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20005
  • Google Bay Area - 1550 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA 94043

Hotels can be booked through American Express using Sears corporate rate at 1-800-265-1658.

  • Marriott Chicago Northwest - $107/night
  • Hampton Inn Hoffman Estates - $60/night

The Hyatt Place Hoffman Estates doesn't have a Sears corporate rate, but is a nice place to stay as a business traveller (24-hour kitchen, mini grocery store, big rooms)

The Marriott contact person for breakfast the day of or after the event is Jeff Winkenwerder at (847) 747-0609


There will also be a “no host” dinner both the evening of Feb 24th and 25th. If you’re planning on attending, please send an email to don@oidf.org, so we can have the right headcount



Welcome and Introductions

  • Rob Harles (Sears) - Welcome from our host
  • Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation) - Update on the OpenID Foundation
  • Brian Kissel (JanRain) - Overview of agenda, history on prior events, plans going forward
  • All - each participant to quickly introduce themselves to all the other participants
1030-1145 Update from major Identity Providers on OpenID plans for 2010: Joseph Smarr (Google), Allen Tom (Yahoo), Monica Keller (Facebook), George Fletcher (AOL), Andrew Nash (PayPal), Angus Logan (Microsoft), David Recordon (Facebook), Tentative: Nico Popp (Verisign)
1145-1230 How to drive adoption & usage of OpenID and the resulting business & end user benefits: Brian Ellin (JanRain) - lessons learned over the past three years implementing OpenID
1230-1300 Lunch in
1300-1400 Input from Website Operators on how UX should evolve and goals behind those suggested enhancements: Rob Harles (Sears) & Daniel Jacobson (NPR) will facilitate a discussion and generate feedback from participating RPs to the OpenID Foundation and OPs.
1400-1430 User experience flows for "OpenID Connect," lessons learned from Facebook – David Recordon (Facebook)
1430-1500 OpenID best practices including account recovery/reset, attaching multiple identifiers, mobile authentication, using WebFinger, etc. – Allen Tom (Yahoo)
1500-1530 Data Management: update on SREG, AX, OAuth, WRAP, Portable Contacts, and Activity Streams – Joseph Smarr (formerly CTO of Plaxo, now at Google)
1530-1600 Update from participating Website Operators on OpenID plans for 2010 – All RPs present who want to share some future thoughts and plans


  • Rob Harles - Host, VP Social Media and Community at Sears Holding Company
  • Don Thibeau - Host, Executive Director, OpenID Foundation
  • Brian Kissel - Host, Chairman, OpenID Foundation, CEO JanRain
  • Abhay Jain, Sears 
  • Allen Tom, Yahoo
  • Andrew Lavers, Microsoft
  • Andrew Nash, PayPal
  • Andrew Daniel, Sears
  • Angela Sanchez, Universal Music
  • Angus Logan, Microsoft
  • Anne Siddall, Whitepages.com
  • Ashish Jain, PayPal
  • Bjoern Woltermann, Scout24/Deutsche Telekom
  • Brian Ellin, JanRain
  • Chris Messina, Google 
  • Chris Saad, Echo & Data Portability Project
  • Collins DeLoach, Pariveda Solutions (Gamestop)
  • Craig Ulliott, Where I've Been
  • Dan Guberman, Microsoft
  • Dan Marx, Whitepages.com
  • Daniel Jacobson, NPR
  • David Recordon, Facebook
  • David Berzin, MTV
  • Dennis Schleicher, Sears
  • Eric Sachs, Google
  • Frank Callea, Tribune
  • Gabe Grayum, JanRain
  • George Fletcher, AOL
  • Hal Warren OpenID Society
  • Imran Jooma, Sears
  • Jake Freeman, WetPaint
  • Jason Jaynes, Pluck
  • Jeff Hamm, Sears
  • Jeff Townes, Pariveda Solutions (Gamestop)
  • Jin Kang, MTV
  • Jerome Jahnke, Bank of America
  • Jocelyn Mangan, OpenTable
  • Jonathan Coffman, PBS
  • Joseph Smarr, Google
  • Julie Hall, OpenTable
  • Lee Hammond, Universal Music Group
  • Leigh Acton, Fox News
  • Leon Chism, Viewpoints
  • Michael Cagnazzi, Rainbow Media
  • Mike Jones, Microsoft
  • Monica Keller, MySpace
  • Mukesh Khattar, AARP
  • Nikita Kalashnikov, MySpace
  • Pamela Dingle, Ping Identity
  • Paul Trevithick, Kantara ULX WG
  • Rod Rakic, Sears
  • Rob Mills, Sears
  • Ruchi Bhargava, Microsoft
  • Sarah Faulkner, Microsoft
  • Scott Rojas, Tribune
  • Shawn Tumblin, Exact Target
  • Steve Braunschweiger, Kodak
  • Tad Lin, Tribune
  • Tatsuki Sakushima, NRI
  • Tim Kasbe, Sears
  • Todd Breiholz, Meredith
  • Tony Haile, TwitterFeed
  • Tony Newcome, Exact Target
  • Tracy Hinshaw, Meredith
  • Vikas Mahajan, AARP


Presentations from the Summit


  • Collins DeLoach, Pariveda Solutions (Gamestop)

Comments (5)

Chris Messina said

at 2:42 pm on Feb 22, 2010

I kind of like #openidux a bit better — slightly more legible for the uninitiated...

Rod Rakic said

at 12:21 pm on Feb 16, 2010

I'm good w/ #OIDUX. We'll see if it catches on!

Bjoern Woltermann said

at 8:07 am on Feb 8, 2010

What about #OIDUX or even longer #OIDUXS10 I prefer the first one since it it shorter. Both are not used yet.
It we'd use #oidux we can use it for further UX discussion on OpenID in the future and establish it as a general hashtag.
Waht do you think?

Brian Kissel said

at 12:45 pm on Feb 5, 2010

None assigned, do you have a recommendation?

Rod Rakic said

at 10:40 am on Feb 3, 2010

Has there been a #hashtag agreed to for the event yet?

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