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January 21, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 12 years ago

January 21, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes 


  • Brian Kissel
  • David Recordon
  • Mike Jones
  • Raj Mata 


  • Scott Kveton 


  • Nat Sakimura 

Items Covered on the Call

  1. Treasurer’s update from Raj

Raj has been unable to obtain contact information or current account balances from Bill Washburn.  We are considering having one or more of the Bay Area board members go to his house to try to pick up the information.

  1. Sustaining member dues w.r.t. 2009 budget

A discussion was held about what the sustaining member’s dues will be going forward.  One member recalled a conversation about possibly lowering it from $50,000.    Another had no expectation of the dues being lowered, and that has been told to new members as well.  Brian took an action item to talk to the other sustaining members.

  1. Interim ED hiring update from Brian

All 3 candidates have been interviewed by all four committee members and an outside third party.  There were two qualified candidates.  We have selected a front-runner, who has not yet been told that he is the first choice.  Brian is continuing to investigate relevant background issues.

Brian plans a board vote to give the hiring committee authority to negotiate and make an offer.

  1. Changing the online voting period

We agreed that a 7 day notification period and 7 day voting period is too long for routine matters.  Brian will have a board vote to shorten these to 3 weekdays each for routine matters.

  1. RSA pre-conference opportunity

There was consensus by the marketing committee to spend $1K for a demo booth, which the EC affirms.  Without a budget and marketing plan we agreed not to spend more at this time.  There was an agreement that we should try to do something else with Liberty and the ICF, but possibly in a forum more closely matching our target audience.  Brian will communicate this to Britta Glade and Charles Andres, as well as highlighting our funding of the OSIS OpenID interop tests that John Bradley is developing that will be presented at the event.

  1. Announcing PayPal and EC elections – blog, press release, other?

A draft blog post has been written.  The announcement is blocked pending materials from PayPal.

  1. Inventures contract

We are exploring having Inventures help supplement the interim executive director’s activities and to help conduct the search for the full-time executive director.

  1. International Liaison EC position – Nat or Snorri

This position has been approved.  Nat has stated his willingness to serve.  Snorri has been out of communication due to family issues.  We agreed to hold a vote in 7 days and if Snorri has not responded by then, we’ll skip the vote, since there would only be one candidate.

  1. Board voting tool for Nat’s spec process improvement recommendations

Nat will send the final versions of the motions to Brian, who will post them in the voting tool.

On a specs council call with the CX proposers, David decided that there were no longer issues with the proposal.

David took an action item to contact the specs council members and find out which plan to actively participate, so new members can be chosen to replace any who do not plan to be active.

  1. Security Committee Update

Scott was not on the call, so could not report.  There was a consensus that should Tony not become active as chair soon, that a new chair should be chosen.

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