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As of June 22, 2010, has been suspended.

The Demand OpenID! effort has come to a close, with a large number of providers coming on board over time.

Due to a lack of time, we have been unable to maintain the codebase for Demand OpenID!, causing confusion and frustration. The site is still available on AppEngine at, and the source code is up on Google Code.


Demand OpenID logoDemand OpenID! was a project aimed at promoting awareness of OpenID to site owners by developing critical customer mass to demonstrate a market desire for OpenID authentication on a particular website.

By requiring an OpenID to lodge a demand, the site proves real demand by real (or potential) customers who already use the technology.

Additionally, for those sites that show up on Demand and later implement or offer OpenID, we wanted a way to highlight and give them praise. 

How it works

Once someone has signed into the site using OpenID, they can use a bookmarklet to submit a vote for the current site that they're visiting. This vote will be tallied on a page for the site, as on the Demand page for Digg.


If you have suggestions or ideas for the project, you can leave them on the Demand Satisfaction forum (the project was originally more politely called "OpenID Please").

What about OpenID Providers?

Mike Kirkwood pointed out that progressive relying parties could promote OpenID on their reset password interface to entice users to consider using OpenID instead of maintaining a specific set of credentials for the RP. This is an excellent idea, but needs more fleshing out and promotion.  


Brian Ellin developed the site on Google App Engine in response to Chris Messina's OpenID (sh-wish-hit)list blog post. Chris did the logo; Scott Kveton and David Recordon provided moral support. 

The source code for the app is available on Google Code.

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