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  • DeWitt Clinton representing Google
  • Mike Jones representing Microsoft
  • Martin Atkins (scribe)
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Dick Hardt (acting chair until Scott arrived)
  • Drummond Reed
  • Gary Krall representing VeriSign
  • Scott Kveton (chair, joined late)


  • David Recordon
  • Artur Bergman
  • Bill Washburn
  • Tony Nadalin representing IBM
  • Raj Mata representing Yahoo!

12.1 New Chair For Marketing Committee

12.2 Customer Research Committee


  • General business
  • Korean legal expenses
  • Status of the security committee
  • Membership committee update drive
  • Status of expanding the board
  • Update on ED hiring
  • Approve changes to IPR Contribution Aggreement

Content Provider Advisory Committee

Johannes explained that Brian Kissel organised a discussion with content providers about what they can get from OpenID and what they need to get there. There was agreement within this forum that it is useful and that it should continue to exist.

Brian thinks that case studies and pilot projects would come out of this. Parties in this vertical have reached a place where they can work together and provide feedback about how to make OpeniD more feasible in that vertical.

Motion 1: Create the Content Provider Advisory Committee, chaired by Brian Kissel, which will act as a forum where adopters or potential adopters of OpenID in the content provider vertical can discuss how it can be used.

Proposed by Johannes. Seconded by Drummond. Passed unanimously.

Executive Committee work plan

Johannes suggested that it would be good to write a work plan for the Foundation, which would be accessible the public. This would enable us to be more organised and better explain to members what we are working on. Johannes also suggested that the Executive Committee could be the custodian of this list.

There was some discussion about having a wiki page for this, thus allowing it to be maintained by everyone. However, it was agreed that it would be best to have someone whose job it is to keep it up to date. Martin, as secretary, volunteered to do this.

As a starting point, Martin will put up the list that was previously posted by email.

Korean Legal Expenses

Scott explained that Snorri Giorgetti has purchased the OpenID Trademark in Korea and would like to transfer it to OIDF.

It was agreed that once the transfer is in motion the Foundation will reimburse Snorri for the trademark.

However, it was also agreed that in future things like this should be discussed with the Foundation before any money is spent.

Handover From Bill

Scott noted that we'll need to collect the current Foundation documents from Bill in preparation for a handover.

Security Committee

It was noted that the Security committee has not reported back for some time. Scott took on the task of contacting Tony, the current chair, to see what's happening.

It was also suggested that an editor of the OpenID Authentication specification be added to the security committee.

Membership Committee

DeWitt reported that the membership committee is currently working on a list of potential candidates for corporate board seats, along with how to increase the number of members, and possibilities for sponsorship.

The membership committee will have ready some recommendations shortly.

Expanding The Board

There have been questions from the membership about the timeline on expanding the board. The board asked that the membership committee give its recommendations next week so that this may proceed.

There was some concern about the dependency between new corporate board members and the requisite new community members and therefore elections. The membership and elections committees will need to work together on this.

Dick noted that the marketing committee is finishing a review of the core messaging proposal which is a pre-requisite for the membership drive, and therefore elections.

It was suggested that the existing interested corporate board members be asked to join the board now, rather than waiting for everything else to come together. This would involve the board recruiting some interim community board members to serve until elections.

A concern was raised, however, that the current bylaws don't allow the above to happen and so they may need to be amended to allow it.

Motion 2: Offer board seats to the companies that were previously interested (making seven corporate members) and nominate Brian Kissell to serve as an interim community member until the next elections.

Proposed by Dick. Seconded by Johannes.

DeWitt and Gary objected on the grounds that this should wait until the membership committee has finished its proposal.

The membership committee will therefore make its proposal via email next week and the board will vote on it via email to avoid delaying progress until the next full board meeting. Motion 2 was therefore withdrawn.

Elections Committee

Mike reported that the Elections Committee is preparing to run a test election using the voting software, where people will vote for their favorite colors to test if it works. Unfortunately the contractors have not come back with the status of this yet.

Changes to IPR Contribution Agreement

Google previously requested an amendment to the IPR contribution documents.

Motion 3: Approve the documents as circulated in August.

Proposed by Mike. Seconded by DeWitt.

There was some concern that this might require everyone to re-sign the agreements. However, Mike explained that this amendment only adds an additional, optional clause and so existing agreements are not affected.

Motion passed unanimously.

ED Recruitment

The ED Recruitment committee will be doing phone interviews over the next couple of days. If there is a strong candidate then they'll be recommended to the board. Then there should be an interview with all or at least most of the board.

It was proposed to conduct this interview near IIW, where it's likely that almost everyone will be together in the Bay Area. If the interview is conducted early, then it may be possible to announce the new ED at IIW. It was noted that the Foundation would need to pay for the candidate's travel if he or she is not fronu the Bay Area.

It was re-iterated that we need an admistrator, not a leader. Scott confirmed that this is the sort of candidate they've been looking for.

Other Business

New Chair For Marketing Committee

Dick reported that the marketing committee has now appointed Brian Kissel as its chair.

Customer Research Committee

Johannes reported that the Customer Research Committee would like to invite the board to attend a two-hour presentation and meeting about the results.

Ideally someone in the Bay Area would offer to host and those who can't attend in person would be able to call in.

Johannes will organise this via email.

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